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The Summit

Eye on Earth addresses the crucial importance of environmental and societal information and networking to decision-making. It aims to convene thought & action leaders of the worldwide community, converge consensus on the key areas of mutual importance, and finally collaboratetowards strengthening existing initiatives and filling the gaps into the future.

Keynote speakers of Eye on Earth included , H.E. Dr Rashid Ahmed Bin Fahd, UAE Minister of Environment and Water, Dr , JGI and Sha Zu Kang, Under-Secretary General, DESA.

The Exhibition

The Exhibition provides the international spotlight for the best in new geospatial observation and data processing technologies to be shared. It offers the platform to celebrate the success stories and demonstrate best practices of new innovations that assist in environmental and societal data sharing & networking across the world. The exhibition connects a broad spectrum of entities including, governmental, private and not-for-profit organizations in order to identify partnerships and project specific opportunities.

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Outcomes from

The Eye on Earth Declaration was endorsed by acclamation by all 16 participating governments including, on behalf of the United Arab Emirates H.E Dr. Rashid Ahmed Mohammed Bin Fahad, Minister of Environment and Water and H.E. Razan Khalifa Al Mubarak, Secretary General, Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi.

8 special initiatives were announced on the final day of the summit representing the most critical issues relative to the availability of timely, accurate and accessible environmental and societal data by all those who need it. 

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Achim Steiner

“UNEP and the UN system as a whole congratulates the organizers on the Eye on Earth Special Initiatives proposed as contributions to Rio+20 and beyond.  I am delighted that here at the Eye on Earth Summit that the Network of Networks Special Initiative involving the Abu Dhabi Environment Agency, European Environment Agency, ESRI, UNEP and others is officially launched”.

"The United States strongly supports this summit and commends the Government of the UAE for its initiative to drive it forward. The Eye on Earth demonstrates leadership, and served as ‘a beacon’ for the other countries in the region”.

Daniel Edelson

“The event itself came off beautifully. So, congratulations on your efforts. It was a real contribution to the work of repairing our world. On behalf of myself and National Geographic, thank you for the opportunity to participate.”

“If I were presented with an opportunity to choose my top 3 events with geospatial significance, the Eye on Earth Summit and Exhibition Abu Dhabi would be on the list. In terms of prominent speakers, useful content, business networking, amazing choreography and inspiration, this event had it all.”

Eye on Earth News

Foundation of Eye on Earth Network laid at Dublin conference

The city of Dublin was the setting for the first Eye on Earth User Conference, organised by the European Environment Agency (EEA) in association with the Irish Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Over three days (4-6 March), the conference brought together more than 230 participants representing communities in 77 countries. They exchanged... (read more)

Eye on Earth Network – DUBLIN STATEMENT

The communities participating in the first Eye on Earth User Conference in Dublin, 4 to 6 March, expressed their intention to build on the Rio+20 outcome document "The Future We Want", the Abu Dhabi Eye on Earth Summit in and the development of the Eye on Earth Network towards the following goal: To facilitate the sharing of environmental,... (read more)

Issue 10 of the Eye on Earth View

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