Mobile Mentor

Innovation Forum Participant

Implementing the I-Call platform, this project seeks to address among others waste management, climate change issues and Environment Impact Assessments in the country by use of story based mobile learning and to provide a mechanism which will improve the environment. The key environmental issues targeted include climate change, desertification, disasters and conflicts (floods, droughts, early warning, fires), ecosystem management, environmental governance, harmful substances and hazardous waste (waste management, community health, carbon emissions etc.) and resource sufficiency (recycling, sustainable production and consumption & water conservation). The learning content is provided in the format of interactive stories. Learners listen to stories (similar to audio soap operas) and make decisions in place of the protagonists.

The stories continue based on the decision of the learner. The learners then experience the consequences of their own decisions. The stories are provided in national and local languages, and are accessible by dialing a local (free – call) telephone number. The learner makes the decision on how to continue the story via keypad in an interactive dialogue system. Story based learning has a rich tradition in African societies including Kenya and relates easily to local cultures. Well told stories are attractive for many people, which will help to disseminate environmental knowledge throughout society. In line with crowd sourcing the Authority is using the i-call mobile project since to be accessed by different persons whose intention is acquire environmental messages using the their phones. Callers make calls and in the story there several branches that informs the callers to make inform decisions.

NOTES: Morton Saulo is scheduled to be attending the Summit
DISPLAY: Unknown, would be great to have a prototype story on display
Participants: NEMA, UNEP