Wildscreen is a UK-based educational charity working globally to promote a greater public appreciation of biodiversity and the conservation of nature, through the power of wildlife and environmental imagery. Wildscreen’s mission is to help inspire the global community to understand, value and protect the natural world. The Environment Agency, Abu Dhabi has generously supported Wildscreen since 2008 to help fulfil this mission.

Wildscreen works through five inter-related initiatives: the Wildscreen Festival, Wildphotos, Wildscreen Outreach, WildFilm History and ARKive. Wildscreen’s leading public engagement and educational initiative is ARKive (www.arkive.org), the world’s centralised collection of the very best films and photographs of life on Earth. Through ARKive, Wildscreen is building a comprehensive and enduring resource that allows the global community to see the very best wildlife film clips and photographs and learn about species, their habitats, threats and conservation initiatives to protect them. ARKive now holds and makes available more than 90,000 film clips and photographs alongside scientifically authenticated fact files on 14,109 of the world’s plants and animals. ARKive features the world’s most threatened species, as well as a great many charismatic animals and plants from across the globe and has a dedicated area of the site highlighting the species of the UAE (www.arkive.org/uae). The award-winning ARKive website is freely available to all as a valuable educational resource and conservation tool.

Wildscreen is promoting ARKive to an ever-widening audience and the website now attracts more than 600,000 visits every month from people in 190 countries. Visitors include school children, educators, conservationists, scientists and the general public. The information and materials available on ARKive are incorporated into presentations, conservation communications campaigns, school projects and classroom activities to help raise awareness about the unique and endangered wildlife relevant to each user group – conservationists, educators, NGOs and community groups.